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WasteEng Conference Series

WTERT Brazil


Ecole des Mines d’Albi

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Earth Engineering Center (Columbia University and City College of New York)


Princeton University

Publication of selected papers in a peer reviewed journal


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Organising Committee


  • Prof Ange Nzihou, Ecole des Mines d’Albi


  • Prof Electo Eduardo Silva Lora, University of Itajubá
  • Dr Sergio Guerreiro Ribeiro, WTERT Brazil

Committee members:

  • Dr Francisco Javier Escudero Sanz (Mines Albi)
  • Dr Elsa Weiss-Hortala (Mines Albi)
  • Marion Manin (Mines Albi)
  • Cristina Sales (Unifei Brazil)
  • Paulo Correa (Unifei Brazil)
  • Camila Almeida (Unifei Brazil)
  • Virginia Nagem Assad (WTERT Brazil)


Scientific Committee

Agbodjan, W.P., France

Akay, G., UK

Alexandratos, S., USA

Andrade, E., Brazil

Andrés Payán, A., Spain

Aroca, G., Chile

Azapagic, A., UK

Ballesteros, M., Spain

Barbosa Cortez, L.A., Brazil

Bazzo, E., Brazil

Belchior, C., Brazil

Bello Bugallo, P.M., Spain

Bonomi, A., Brazil

Carrère, H., France

Castaldi, M., USA

Castro, F., Portugal

Chang, Z., China

Chaouki, J., Canada

Chi, Y., China

Consonni, S., Italy

Cotta, R., Brazil

Curto, P., Uruguay

De Cassia Oliveira Carneiro, A., Brazil

De Melo Furtado, J.G., Brazil

De Souza Santos, M.L., Brazil

Errera, M., Brazil

Escobar Palacio, J.C., Brazil

Ett, G., Brazil



Filippov, L., France

Finnveden, G., Sweden

Flamant, G., France

Galembeck, F., Brazil

Garcia-Perez, M., USA

Gavala, H., Denmark

Ghaly, A., Canada

Gourdon, R., France

Grigiante, M., Italy

Guerreiro Ribeiro, S., Brazil

Haikal Leite, M.A., Brazil

He, P., China

Horta Nogueira, L.A., Brazil

Ikbu-Omregbe, D., South Africa

Jaffe, P., USA

Kossir, A., Morocco

Kranert, M., Germany

Krzystek, L., Poland

Kulczycka, J., Poland

Lavoie, J.-M., Canada

Le Coq, L., France

Lifset, R.J., USA

Liu, H., China

Lyberatos, G., Greece

Makhamov, K., UK

Mambeli, R., Brazil

Marias, F., France

Martins Nogueira, M.F., Brazil

Moriconi, G., Italy



Murthy, Z., India

Nebra, S., Brazil

Nzihou, A., France

Oakley, S., USA

Palma, C., Chile

Perez Bayer, J.F., Colombia

Pham-Huu, C., France

Pontikes, Y., Belgium

Puertas, F., Spain

Py, X., France

Reinaldo, R., Brazil

Sharrock, P., France

Silva Lora, E., Brazil

Sioen, H., Belgium

Skiadas, I., Denmark

Spohr, M.J., Brazil

Sprehe, T.G., USA

Tao, S., China

Themelis, N., USA

Trémier, A., France

Van Deventer, J., Australia

Vandecasteele, C., Belgium

Vasudevan, P.T., USA

Venturini, O., Brazil

Vilarinho, C., Portugal

Von Blottnitz, H., South Africa

Wang, Y., USA

Yang, J-W., Korea

Zhu, T., China



Registration and
Full Paper opening
March 3, 2014


Important dates

Registration and
Full Paper opening
March 3, 2014

Deadline Early Bird Registration
April 15, 2014

Deadline full paper submission
June 2, 2014


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